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Kindergarten Newsletter

February 15th-26th

Important Dates:

2/22 Library

2/25 100th Day!!

Our 100th day is February 25th. The children should return their 100th Day poster on 2/25. The kids should begin working on the poster now. There are a lot of things to write/draw on the poster. Virtual students will share their poster via Zoom.

The children should wear their yellow C.S.O.C. shirts (let me know if you'd like to purchase a C.S.O.C. shirt)

I will order pizza for the kids for lunch (kids are welcome to pack something else if they prefer)

It is a day of games and FUN!

High Frequency Words to Date: I, See, Can, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange, Black, White, My, Like, The, A, Look, This, Purple, What, We, Said, One, Two, Three, Four, Five, In, Out. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten, Brown, And, Why, Big, Little, Up, Down, Yes, No, Happy, On, By, Eleven, She, He, But, So, Twelve, Thirteen, Stop, Go, At.

Wilson Handwriting Letters to Date: STICK LETTERS: Ll, Tt, Ii, F, E, H, SLIDE LETTERS: Vv, Ww, M, N, A, Kk, Yy, Xx, SUPER C LETTERS: Cc, Oo, Gg, a, d, Qq. BELLY LETTERS: D.

Homework: practice high frequency words, Wilson letters and math concepts. Practice tying your shoes and putting on your coat (and zipping your coat).

Week of 2/15 : Literature selections include Goldilocks and Just One Bear, The Tooth Book, and The Little Red Hen. Our word wall is growing!! This week we'll add Thirteen, Stop, and Go to our list of words. We'll begin the Wilson "belly letters" this week. Capital D is first. The children will be working hard on the "at" and "in" word families. We'll also be practicing consonant blends and digraphs.

Math lessons this week include a quick review on patterns, 3D shapes, math facts to 10,counting by 5's, odd/even, and estimating.

In science this week we'll be talking and reading about dental health.   

THURSDAY FEBRUARY 18TH ASYNCHRONOUS DAY: Please complete the worksheet that I sent home today (it's in your child's folder). The children should 1)read the sentence. 2)cut and glue the correct picture to go with the sentence. 3)circle or highlight the high frequency words in each sentence. Students should also choose 6 high frequency words (see list above). Write two sentences incorporating those 6 words. Here is an example: "I can see a white dog. "The car can go up and down the hill." At this stage of the year, the kdg. children can write two simple sentences. Don't worry about spelling. Younger students may still dictate or trace their sentences. For math, students should also make a prediction on how many inches of snow they think will fall. Please write your prediction on a post-it or index card. **Bonus**Estimate the number of inches of snow then  measure the snowfall. Was your estimate too high, too low or pretty close? Bring completed work back to school on Friday.

FRIDAY FEBRUARY 19TH ASYNCHRONOUS DAY: Using the Wilson lined paper that I sent yesterday, please practice all of the lower case "slide" letters and lower case "super c" letters that we have learned so far. Use the list of Wilson handwriting letters above in this newsletter. Look closely at the list for the lower case letters. You can find guided videos for each letter on our Google Classroom page. The children should practice 3 of each lower case letter (there are 9 all together).

Read a book (your choice!). Illustrate the beginning, middle and end of the story. What happened first? next? last? **BONUS** did you see any high frequency words in your book? Which words did you hear?

We're exploring fractions next week. As a warm-up lesson please talk about fractions in real life today. For example, did you cut your sandwich in half today? Did you divide a pizza into 8 slices? Did you pour half a glass of milk? Write your real life fraction experience on a post-it or an index card.

Send all of your work into school on Monday.

Home lessons week of 2/15: On Tuesday please practice "belly letter" D. We'll practice the new high frequency words: stop, go, at. We'll also practice the "at" word family. On Wednesday, show me your count by 5's tooth page and your belly letter D. (no number practice this week). We'll read the "Whose Teeth?" magazine together. On Thursday show me your hidden picture math page. We'll practice math facts to 10 together with the "Ten Again!" paper. On Friday we'll do a Colorful Kids page, some base 10 math and the sentence paper (from your packet).

Week of 2/22: This week is all about the number 100!!! We are 100 days smarter. Literature selections include "100 Shoes, Kindergarten Counts to 100, and The 100th Day of School.

Home lessons week of 2/22: On Monday please pick up a new packet. Watch the Google Classroom video for "belly letter" Pp. Listen to the story Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig. On Tuesday I'll read 100 Shoes to the kids.  Let's save Science Spin magazine "Home in a Hole." for Wednesday. We will complete the "100 days ago..." paper (in packets) and we'll practice the new words "an" and "or." On Wednesday show me your Pp practice and number 14 practice in your binders. Please show me your 100 things survey (from your packet). We'll complete the "Dot the 100's" together. We'll introduce some basic fractions and we'll practice the digraph "ch." Thursday is all about celebrating 100 days of learning!! I have a board game to play with them (you'll need your dice and a button) I have an estimating activity for us. We'll celebrate with a dance party too! On Friday show me your hidden picture math page. We'll do a Colorful kids page together. We'll practice some base 10 math.

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